24Techno brings a variety of DJs for you, from Europe to Brazil the mix of styles here is something that won’t let anyone out of it.

DJ Kadu

With very fast moves on the mixer and a collection of tunes that can pump any roof, he delivers a funky techno full of rhythm and latin beats that keep everyone dancing.
He started mixing in London in 2002 using only his laptop computer, already by the end of that year he was playing in parties... click image for more

DJ Namitack

Namitack is from Cascavel in Southern Brazil and has been Djing for three years. His music is compiled of a mixture of Techno, Minimal, House, Funky Techno, and Acid.

Influences: Chris Liberator, Dave The Drummer, Adam Beyer, Anderson Noise, Marco Carola, Billy Nasty, DJ Morph (Alex Downey) DJ... Click image for more

DJ Briza

He was one of the youngest DJs in the underground techno scene in London, but Briza was instantly a force to be reckoned with behind the decks. In just over two years he went from mixing in his bedroom back home in Campinas, Brazil, to DJing at some of London's biggest free parties and club nights.

For those who witness his technical skills on the turntables, it's no surprise to learn Briza has been playing music for most of his life. Luckily, his mother had the foresight to recognize her son's musical talent when he was just 6 years old and she sent him off to study the flute, keyboards and then the guitar... Click image for more

Sonis Raimondo

Born in Sardinia begin to play and write music from the age of fifteen, the band was called Etereal and he played keyboard and bass and voice. The main influences were from joy division, kraftwerk, Bauhaus, Tangerine dreams, Brian eno, then the Etereal sound begin to change into a more experimental electronic sound.

After few years at the age of twenty Raimondo moved to London. As soon as arrived in London he began to play in a electro industrial band, mainly influenced by NiN, Ensturzende neubautern, Amon Tobin, punkov, my bloody valentine etc. After a couple of years, Raimondo, fascinated by the independent acid techno culture in London at the time run by Stay up Forever collective, began to produce and DJ acid, hard and funky techno. During this period of time he DJ'd at various raves and venues in London, Sardinia and in the North of Italy, (he played in Check Point, Everyone sound, Malfaiteurs, Manik, Freebase Sound Systems and in many club nights, like Pick n Mix, Rabbit hole, Funky Detection, Black Moon Project, Sinister Sound and House of correction.

In the last three years he built up an independent record label, Atmosphere , specialised in Techno, and Techouse. You can hear and buy the releases at: Juno Download and Track It Down. You can read more at MySpace
At the moment Raimondo is finishing a university degree in Sound Design.

You can also see him playing quite often at Everyone Sound, Manik and Malfaiteurs, soundystems and in his own party Subsound and House of Correction parties.

The mix on the decks, is very powerful, he plays from funky to acid,hardtechno and sckranz!!!!

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