Dj Kadu

DJ Kadu

With very fast moves on the mixer and a collection of tunes that can pump any roof, he delivers a funky techno full of rhythm and latin beats that keep everyone dancing.
He started mixing in London in 2002 using only his laptop computer, already by the end of that year he was playing in parties with Checkpoint sound system. After a year he moved on to records, and using the experience acquired with the computer he quickly mastered them. He now plays frequently in Squat parties with some of the biggest sound systems in London, like Malfateurs, Manik, Stinky Pinky, Restless Native and others.
Alternating between squat parties he also played in some London clubs, like: Egg, George Four, Alhambra, Telegraph, The Jam and more.
His music includes names like: Umek, Chris Liebing, Valentino Kanzyani, Danilo Vigorito, Samuel L Session and Marko Nastic.
In 2005 he spent 6 months in Brazil, in his first appearance as a DJ there he had the change to play in many parties in the south of the country, he also had the privilege to share the decks with some of the big DJs in Brazil; Jones Nogueira, Alex S, Denis Rocha and others.
After returning to London he started his own parties in the city, he did 5 parties at the end of the year and at the beginning of 2006, bringing DJ's from the squat scene to the main public - the parties were a success.

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